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About us

We are connecting buyers and sellers of property surveys to lower the cost of finding the ideal property for you, creating opportunity for everyone. We aim to be the first place people go to when they decide to buy a property. Whether you are looking for a homebuyer’s survey, or anything up to a full structural survey, whether for a house or an office space, SurveySeller could help you find that place quicker and easier than ever before.

Property sales can fall through for many reasons - extra painful after you’ve paid hundreds for a building survey.
Often the next potential buyer repeats the process again paying hundreds for yet another survey.
Well, now you could sell that survey through SurveySeller.
SurveySeller could be a way to recover some of the cost of a survey if you were unable to complete the purchase by selling on that survey to the next potential buyer of that property.

We can only accept GBP (£ sterling) for all transactions. Please see terms and conditions.

SurveySeller Ltd

Registered company address: 31 Broadlee, Tamworth, B774PF, UK

telephone: 07480 471696


SurveySeller Limited is a company registered in England and Wales. Company number 10854324.