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Buying a survey through SurveySeller

Save money

A Homebuyer’s survey typically costs around £300. A full structural survey could cost up to £1,000. If a seller is listing their survey on SurveySeller you may be able to buy that survey for a lot less than the cost of a new survey.
If you’re looking to buy a property and need a survey – check out SurveySeller first. Someone could be selling the survey you need perhaps for a fraction of the price.

Why go to the expense of paying for a full survey only to find there is something seriously wrong with the property? You could save hundreds by buying the survey then deciding whether or not to go ahead.

Save time

SurveySeller could save time too. No waiting weeks for a surveyor to survey a property.
If someone has already had the property surveyed and it’s listed on SurveySeller, you could have that survey in just a few minutes.