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Why sell your survey through SurveySeller?

You've just paid for a survey on the home of your dreams and the sales falls through. Property sales all too often don't complete for many reasons - extra painful after you’ve paid hundreds on solicitors and conveyancing fees as well as a building survey.
Often the next potential buyer repeats the process again paying hundreds for yet another survey.
Well, now you could sell that survey through SurveySeller.
SurveySeller could be a way to recover some of the cost of a survey if you were unable to complete the purchase by selling on that survey to the next potential buyer of that property.

Selling your survey

If you want to sell your survey, simply decide what you would like to sell the survey for, then add a few contact details and survey details and click on the Go button.
Now sit back and wait for a buyer to get in touch through SurveySeller.

Why not include your own short note saying why the property sale did not complete.

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It’s FREE to list your property survey on SurveySeller.
The seller only pays a transaction fee of 12.9% of the selling price when the survey is sold - minimum £9.95.

Details and examples

If the buyer selects ‘Make an offer’ the selling price will be the price agreed between the seller and buyer.

Example 1:

The buyer agrees to buy a full structural survey from the seller for the full asking price of £300;
The transaction fee will be 12.9% of £300 = £38.70
Upon satisfactory completion the seller receives = £261.30 (£300 - £38.70)

Example 2:

The buyer agrees to buy a survey from the seller for £50;
The transaction fee will be £9.95 (minimum transaction fee). This is because 12.9% of £50 = £6.45 which is less than the minimum transaction fee.
Seller receives = £40.05 (£50 - £9.95)
All fees include VAT.