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What We Do

SurveySeller is the marketplace where anyone can sell their unneeded property surveys or reports and where buyers can find great deals on those surveys.

When we decide to buy a property we would typically hire a solicitor, pay for conveyancing and pay to get a survey done. All too often property sales fall through and altogether, that’s a lot of money wasted!

But what if there’s already a survey for that property that you could buy before paying out for all those things?

If you could buy that survey you could find out if that’s really the property for you before paying for solicitors, conveyancing and yet another new survey.

Survey sellers could get back some money for that unneeded survey.

Selling your survey

Paid hundreds for a survey on a house, flat, business property or any other property and the sale never completed?
Not only have you lost the chance to buy that ideal property but you’ve paid £££ for a report that’s now useless.
Often the next potential buyer repeats the process again paying hundreds for yet another survey.
Now you could sell that survey through SurveySeller and get some of that money back.

It’s FREE to list your property survey on SurveySeller.

If you want to sell your survey, simply decide what you would like to sell the survey for, then list the address on SurveySeller.
We'll email you to let you know if your survey has sold and then all you have to do is email SurveySeller your survey. We check it, forward it onto the buyer and when everyone's happy you get the money (minus our fee) sent to your account.

Buying a survey

Save money

Homebuyer surveys typically cost around £300. A full structural survey could cost up to £1,000. Through SurveySeller you may be able to buy that survey for a lot less than the cost of a new one.
If you’re looking to buy a property and need a survey – check out SurveySeller first. Someone could be selling the survey you need perhaps for a fraction of the price.

Why go to the expense of paying for a full survey only to find there is something not quite right with the property? You could save hundreds by buying the survey then deciding whether or not to go ahead.

Save time

SurveySeller could save time too. No waiting weeks for a surveyor to survey a property.
If someone has already had the property surveyed and it’s listed on SurveySeller, you could have that survey in hardly no time at all.